Silk – Peptide Cream


Contains silk peptide and many natural essences, which helps to accelerate the metabolism and activate skin cells. Also employed S.R.F. (sebum regulating factor), which can normalize the sebum secretion for both dry and oily skin, makes all types of skin obtaining perfect caring result. Regularly using this product will help you to wipe off wrinkles and dry lines, promotes skin’s structure and compact skin a firm, elastic and silky appearance.
Main ingredients and function:
Ginseng: contains wild ginseng collected from Chang-bei Mountain, which is the ancient Chinese herb of „eternal” life. Ginseng is rich in ginsengoside, vitamin B and minerals. It is used to stimulate the metabolism of skin to improve microcirculation and enhances the activity of skin cells, also scavenges the free radicals to slow down skin’s aging process.
Angelica: contains polyphyleticsugar and vitamins that enhances skin’s elasticity and prevents forming pigmentation.
Silk extract: contains abundant amino acids, can be absorbed rapidly by skin. Provides necessary nutrients for the skin and stimulates the metabolism of skin cell.
Hyaluronic acid: moisturizing factor keeps the moisture balance of skin cells

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