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Cosmetics “Pulanna”, due to the unique combination of physical and chemical properties, allow optimal penetration of the epidermis. Production technology assumes avoiding exposure of components to high temperature during the production process, which allows to preserve their natural bioactivity. The gels are also suspended with liquid active ingredients in geometric shapes. This solution ensures the durability of all active ingredients, while allowing minimization of the amount of emulsifiers and chemical preservatives that often cause various skin allergies. The transparent part of the “Pulanna” products contains collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and a soothing plant extract. The geometric suspension consists of extracts from sprouts of Chinese plants, hydrolysates of silk proteins, ginseng extract and other active plant extracts and vitamins. The second group of Pulanna cosmetics are products with a traditional structure that use ultra-modern technological solutions. These products are prepared by the best specialists who skillfully combine modern technology with the achievements of Chinese medicine. Carefully selected natural active substances provide excellent efficacy and do not irritate the skin.


One of PULANNA’s goals is to promote the most outstanding achievements of Chinese medicine, skillfully combining ancient recipes with modern technological solutions. The wonderful Chinese flora makes the “Pulanna” cosmetics extremely effective and long-lasting in their operation. According to the company’s statement, all components synthetically obtained should be replaced with plant extracts, which, despite a slightly slower effect, are completely natural. According to selected Polish and world-class cosmetologists and dermatologists, Pulanna offers cosmetics at a high level, with a wide range of activities and with a guarantee of safety.

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