Moisturizing Night Cream

Contains bio-gold and natural herbal extracts of grape, witch hazel and angelica. Nourishes skin at night, provides skin with nourishment and moisture. Replenishes damage skin cells, regaines skin cells activity. Leaves skin whitening and smooth.
Main ingredients and function:
Bio-Gold 24 K gold produced by high technology, becomes a „conductor“ on skin to penetrate into the skin more herbal essences, enhances nourishment and moisture absorption and retention.
Grape extract effectively removes aged corneous cells, accelerates the regeneration of new skin cells to prevents the appearance of wrinkles, also captures free radicals, delays the skin aging process.
Witch hazel contains tannin and gallic acid, astringes and tightens skin, enhances skin’s elasticity.
Angelica contains polysaccharide and vitamins, provides skin with the nourishment.

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