GINSENG Winter Cream


Is formulated with advanced cell active technology, contains extracts of ginseng, angelica and peony. Forms a thin protective film on skin. Keeps the necessary skin moisture. Improves the microcirculation of facial capillaries, accelerates the metabolism of skin cells, and removes skin’s scales. Also, can prevent skin from chap, frostbite and peeling. Protects and nourishes the face skin during the spring and winter.
Main ingredients and function:
Ginseng: contains wild ginseng collected from Chang- bei Mountain, which is the ancient Chinese herb of „eternal” life. Ginseng is rich in ginsengoside, vitamin B and minerals. It is used to stimulate the metabolism of skin to improve microcirculation and enhances the activity of skin cells, also scavenges the free radicals to slow down skin’s aging process.
Angelica: en r i ch e d w i t h polyphyleticsugar and vitamins, is used to enhance skin’s elasticity and prevents forming pigmentation.
Peony: astringes skin and stimulates skin’s microcirculation.

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