Advanced Day Cream

Contains bio-gold and natural herbal extracts of grape, ginseng and ganoderma. Forms a protective film on skin to prevent external harms. Stimulates the activity of skin cells, delays skin’s aging process. Keeps skin’s appearance of brightness for all day.
Main ingredients and function:
Bio-Gold 24 K gold produced by high technology, becomes a „conductor“ on skin to pene trate into the skin more herbal essences,enhances nourishment and moisture absorption and retention.
Grape extract effectively removes aged corneous cells, accelerates the regeneration of new skin cells to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, also captures free radicals, delays the skin aging process.
Ginseng containing ginsengoside, vitamin B, and minerals, it can stimulate the metabolism of skin to improve micro – circulation andenhances the activity of skin cells, slo ws down skin’s aging process.
Ganoderma contains organic germanium, polysaccharide and alkaloid, nourishes the skin and enhances skin elasticity

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