Ginseng Mask


Deeply removes dirt of skin pores and aged keratinocyte, refreshes skin. This product contains ginseng and aloe, which is rapidly absorbed by your skin cells. Replenishes nutrition and moisture, prevents skin from ageing and wrinkles. Astringes rough skin pores while cleansing your skin. It leaves your skin smooth and elastic.
Main ingredients and function:
Ginseng: contains wild ginseng collected from Chang- bei Mountain, which is the ancient Chinese herb of „eternal” life. Ginseng is rich in ginsengoside, vitamin B and minerals. It is used to stimulate the metabolism of skin to improve microcirculation and enhance the activity of skin cells, also scavenge the free radicals to slow down skin’s aging process.
Aloe: contains aloe – emodim, aloin, anthraquinone, vitamins and minerals. Makes skin moist and smooth. Has the sun screening and antiseptic effects.
Algae: contains proteins and minerals. Accelerates the metabolism of skin, prevents skin from rough and loss of water, removes dirt from pores and makes skin breathe unobstructed.

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