Body Modeling Cream


Special means with Caffeine, extracts of a Paprika and Zingiber and other active components for for problems connected with cellulite („spongy” skin).
Caffeine makes the blood supply active and gives drainage and strengthening effect. It makes the fat to water exchange process active. It promotes the conclusion of a liquid from fabrics. Ginseng actively stimulates and tones up the skin and gives a healing, bactericidal action. Paprika contains sugar, fibers, and vitamins C,B1, B2, P, E, PP. It strengthens blood circulation and promotes
the most effective action of active components. Zingiber has a warming effect on the body, increasing the inflow of blood to the surface of the skin. It stimulates the exchange processes in theorganism. Menthol has an anesthetizing, antiseptic and calmingaction. It freshens. The Cream has a powerful warming upaction. It makes the exchange process and the process of splitting flat active.
It promotes the conclusion of toxins and waters from a skin. It levels the skin
relief and reduces the expressiveness of “spongy” skin. Improvement of the external characteristics of skin and a reduction in volumes can be seen in 2 weeks.

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